Common Tech Troubles - Tips & Tricks

Common Tech Troubles - Tips & Tricks

Technology is great… except when it’s not. Tech troubles can disrupt the best-laid plans, but the good news is: there are simple steps you can try to solve or work around many issues.

General Troubleshooting Tips

These tips are universal and are a good first step for most technology issues.

When a Program Crashes

What to do when the program you are using, e.g. Zoom, locks up or crashes.

When a Website Won't Load or Work

What to do when a website like Canvas won't load or work as expected.

When Your Internet Goes Down

What to do when you lose internet connectivity.

Instructional Tools & Alternatives

Instructors rely on a variety of services. In the event a particular service is unavailable, there are often alternatives to consider either temporarily or as ongoing replacements.

Internet Connectivity Resources

Tips and resources to help you stay connected while you are away from UCI.