Keep Working

Remote Working Resources

Internet Connectivity Resources

Tips and resources to help you stay connected while you are away from UCI.

Connect To Your Computer From Home

Remote Desktop for OIT Managed Clients gives you the ability to connect to your campus computer and access your networked resources such as your work desktop, documents, and shared files.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Some campus services, including some components of the UCI Libraries' offerings, are restricted to on-campus access. Use the VPN to access those services through a secure connection.

Collaborate with Colleagues


For sensitive documents that need to be handled securely (e.g. contracts), all UCI staff have access to Docusign.

Google G Suite

Collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations using UCI's G Suite from Google.

Office 365

Collaborate on Microsoft Documents using Office 365.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is more than a communications tool. It is also part of the Office 365 suite, so it coordinates seamlessly with your calendar and OneDrive. You can communicate one-on-one or with groups. Hold meetings, make calls, or chat with your colleagues while working remotely.


A key component of working remotely is using the powerful remote meeting tool Zoom. Zoom can be used to hold meetings and collaborate digitally with colleagues. Zoom can be used on any computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Zoom enterprise licensing is available for all UCI faculty, staff, and students.

Privacy and Security

Personal Device Security

It is important to review security on personal devices when using them to access UCI institutional data and resources.

Non-Adminstrator Accounts on Personal Devices

Using a separate account on your home devices will also allow you to keep your work and home spaces separate.

Stay Informed. Sign up for campus emergency alerts.

zotALERT is used to send urgent messages by text in the event of a campus emergency.