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Remote Teaching Resources

UCI Teach Anywhere

The revamped UCI Teach Anywhere provides pedagogical techniques, technology tips, and information about the tools available to support remote teaching and learning activities.

Remote Strategy

Resources for strategic and tactical planning around remote instruction.

Internet Connectivity Resources

Tips and resources to help you stay connected while you are away from UCI.

Technology Tools & Resources

Using Zoom for Instruction

A key component of the campus social distancing, remote teaching, and telework strategy is using Zoom. Zoom can be used to host and attend remote instruction, hold meetings, and collaborate digitally with colleagues and students.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Some campus services, including some components of the UCI Libraries' offerings, are restricted to on-campus access. Use the VPN to access those services through a secure connection.

Virtual Computer Lab

Use the Virtual Computer Lab for off-campus access to specialized software.

Accessible Meetings

When using online tools for remote work or instruction, it is important not only to use tools with an accessible interface but also to know how to use them so people with disabilities can participate.

Common Tech Troubles - Tips & Tricks

Technology is great… except when it’s not. Tech troubles can disrupt the best-laid plans, but the good news is: there are simple steps you can try to solve or work around many issues.

Privacy & Security

FERPA, Fair Use, and Privacy Considerations

As you adapt to teach remotely, remember to consider FERPA, Fair Use, privacy, and other policies.

How to set up a non-administraor account on personal devices

Using a separate account on your home devices will also allow you to keep your work and home spaces separate.

Personal Device Security

It is important to review security on personal devices when using them to access UCI institutional data and resources.