This website is intended to help students, staff, and faculty prepare for the tech-related aspects of potential campus disruptions. This is a rapidly evolving resource; check back regularly for more information.

Last Update: March 30, 7:45 am
Current Priority: COVID-19; for more information, see UCI Coronavirus Updates

Other UCI Teaching Continuity Resources: Teach Anywhere • DTEI's Pedagogical Continuity


Remote Teaching Prep Week - 3/23 - 30
In the DTEI Boot Camp Webinars, faculty will acquire essential skills, tools, and best practices to prepare remote lectures and set up their courses with a Canvas template. An online hands-on lab is available immediately following each webinar for faculty to ask questions and get help while setting up their course spaces concurrently.

Take Care of Yourself

Your physical and mental well-being are very important, particularly during stressful times. Please take care of yourself!

And if you could use a little light-heartedness:

Plan Ahead

Use Zoom for Live Interaction

Deliver Course Related Resources

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