Internet Connectivity Resources

Teaching, learning, and working remotely can be a challenge, particularly without a reliable internet connection. We have gathered some tips and resources to help you stay connected while you are away from UCI.

Keep Americans Connected Pledge

FCC agreement stating that providers will waive late fees, not cutoff service for lack of payment, and open hot-spots.

Broadband Internet

Tips and resources to help you with your broadband internet connection.



Smartphone Hotspot Tether

If you are unable to connect satisfactorily through your internet broadband service consider using your smartphone as a WiFi hotspot and increasing your data quota to unlimited.

Mobile WiFi Hotspot

Contact your mobile phone service provider to obtain a WiFi hotspot device/service.

Online Resources

Links to internet service provider resources.


Low Cost Internet Options

We've gathered some resources for low-cost internet options.


Remote Learning Tools

Learn which remote learning services may be blocked when studying abroad and will require using a VPN.