UCI Community,

When the University of California, Irvine (UCI) suspended face-to-face instruction and quickly switched to distance learning in response to a global pandemic, we increased use of teleconferencing and virtual meeting platforms to deliver course content.

This privacy advisory informs users accessing UCI courses from outside of the United States that local privacy or security laws may affect their account and impact the ways the users interact with Zoom and other UCI teleconferencing solutions. For those accessing services outside the US, UCI has chosen the most secure data routing options available to us through our 3rd party service providers.

Users participating in classes via virtual meeting platforms from outside of the United States may encounter limits in function or access due to these local laws, which may differ from UC or California standards.

If you have concerns or identify limits to accessing your coursework, please talk to your instructor to discuss alternatives.

Tom Andriola

Vice Chancellor for Information, Technology and Data, UC Irvine

Chief Data Officer, UCI Health

Kirsten Quanbeck

ADA Compliance Officer

Associate Chancellor for Equal Opportunity and Compliance

Michael Dennin

Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning

Dean, Division of Undergraduate Education