Zoom is a powerful web conferencing tool that enables remote work and frequent collaboration. With significantly increased usage during the spring quarter, it is necessary to get acquainted with available options and select the most suitable configuration for your meetings that maintains the privacy of the participants, as well as the security of the information shared.

Control who can join your meeting

  • Don’t share the Meeting ID or link publicly (i.e. calendar) where non-attendees may have access

  • If hosting a public meeting, choose a different Meeting ID than you normally use for private meetings
  • Consider using a password (shared privately) or the waiting room feature to control who can join your meeting
  • Disable Join Before Host to prevent others from causing trouble before you start the meeting


Control what your meeting attendees can do

  • Prevent participants from screen sharing by default
  • Disable chat or file sharing unless needed
  • Mute participants unless needed in public meetings
  • Be familiar how to remove a participant and lock a meeting if needed
  • It is extremely important to learn how to manage participants in a meeting

Set up privacy controls

Please reach out to the OIT Help Desk at oit@uci.edu with any questions.

Josh Drummond
Chief Information Security Officer
Office of Information Technology

Sarkis Daglian, M.B.A.
Director, Client Services
Office of Information Technology