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Getting Started with UCI Zoom for Instruction

The following are recommended best practices when using UCI Zoom for class instruction. Please take a moment to review the information below as it will reduce frustration and unwanted interruptions while teaching.

Create / Migrate your Zoom Account

All users must be on UCI Zoom for the recommended settings to be enabled

Don't have a Zoom account?
Visit and log in with your UCInetID and password.

Have a Zoom account? Follow these migration instructions.

How to Host a Secure Zoom Meeting and Prevent Zoombombing

Learn how to configure Zoom settings to prevent Zoombombing in public meetings and classes.

Configure Zoom Settings

  1. Visit and log in to your account.
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Verify your Settings match the following (not all settings are listed here):
Zoom Setting Name Zoom Setting Status
Embed password in meeting link for one-click join Enable
Chat On students can chat publicly with everyone
Off no chat allowed
Auto saving chats Disabled
Private Chat Disabled (students may interrupt other students during class)
Play sound when participants join or leave Disabled
File transfer Disabled
Screen Sharing - Who can share? (important) Host Only
Annotation Disabled (while a helpful feature, participants can also annotate)
Waiting Room Enable AND select “Guest participants only” (VERY IMPORTANT)
Closed Captioning Enable

More information on Zoom Settings:

Schedule Zoom Classes

  1. Visit and log in.
  2. Go to Meetings and press “Schedule a New Meeting
  3. Schedule your first class meeting:
    • Topic: Enter your Department, Course Number, Course Name (Ex. SocEcol 10 Research Design)
    • Description: Enter your name and any other information (except meeting password)
    • When: Enter the first class and start time
    • Duration: Round up to nearest 15-minute increment
    • Time Zone: Pacific Time (even if you are in another time zone)
  4. Use Recurring Meeting to schedule all class sessions at the same time & keep the same URL
    • Recurrence is Weekly
    • Repeat Every 1 week
    • Occurs on: Select all class days
    • End date: By June 6 Saturday before Finals

Meeting Settings

Registration Unchecked
Meeting Password Checked (enter something easy for students to remember in all lower case)
Video Host Off and Participant Off
Audio Both (Telephone and Computer Audio)

Meeting Options

Uncheck Enable join before host
Check Mute participants upon entry
Check Enable waiting room
Uncheck Only authenticated users can join (Waiting room manages this)
Either Breakout Room pre-assign
Encouraged Record the meeting automatically (using On the local computer)
Alternative Hosts Users must have a UCI Zoom account or they cannot be added

More information on scheduling Zoom meetings:

Share Zoom Links to Students

Post your Zoom URL on Canvas -

Learn How to Manage Students While Teaching

It is important to review the “Controls for managing participants” under “Windows | Mac” before you are in a Zoom Meeting with students. Consider asking a colleague to meet you in Zoom and experiment with the settings. You may also create your own Zoom Test meetings by visiting:

The setting "Allow Participants Unmute Themselves" is also important to know before teaching.

Looking for Attendance?

Login to, click on Reports, then Usage. Search by date and when your meeting appears, click on the number below Participants.

A list of Meeting Participants will appear including Original Name, User Email, Join Time, Leave Time, and Duration. You can unique the report (in case participants were disconnected or left during the meeting) or Export to a CSV file with meeting data.

Please note, this feature is not available for large classes using UCI Zoom Webinars.

Questions about UCI Zoom before teaching


URGENT Questions about Zoom while teaching

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