On Friday, June 19, UCI will be releasing a series of enhanced features that may affect your meetings. Please review the below updates and contact oit@uci.edu if you have any questions.

1. Password or Waiting Room requirement on all Zoom Meetings (Scheduled, Instant, and Personal Meeting ID)

On Sunday, July 19, 2020, a new Zoom security feature will require the use of a password or the waiting room for all scheduled, instant, and personal meeting ID meetings. Any meetings without a password or the waiting room enabled will have the waiting room automatically activated for that meeting.

To ensure a smooth transition for Summer Session classes and prevent Zoombombing, the waiting room will be enabled on Friday, June 19, 2020, as an optional setting for all scheduled meetings. When the waiting room is enabled, all authenticated participants with a UCI email address (such as @uci.edu, @law.uci.edu, @exchange.uci.edu, @merage.uci.edu, or @hs.uci.edu, etc.) will bypass waiting rooms to join meetings instantly. Participants with non-UCI.edu email addresses or who have not logged in will remain in the waiting room until invited by the host or co-host to join the meeting.

More information about Zoom Waiting Rooms

2. Enhanced Alternative Host options through Zoom in Canvas

During the spring quarter, meetings scheduled in Zoom through UCI Canvas automatically associated Alternative Hosts, using affiliations set in Canvas. Instructors will now be able to add any UCI Zoom user as an Alternative Host.

Information about Zoom in Canvas 

3. Streamlining account creation through Zoom in Canvas

This update will prevent multiple accounts from being created and streamline access to your UCI Zoom profile from within Canvas. 

This update addresses an anomaly wherein a very small number of cases, the Zoom on Canvas account creation process did not match the uci.zoom.us account creation process, resulting in multiple UCI Zoom accounts being created for the same person. 

Anyone missing Zoom Meeting data associated with Canvas courses after the update can contact techprep@uci.edu for assistance. 

4. One-year storage policy for Zoom Cloud Recordings

To ensure we have enough space for campus-wide use of Zoom Cloud Recordings, a one-year storage policy is being implemented. All recordings on UCI Zoom will need to be downloaded within a year of creation. For longer-term hosting, consider uploading Zoom recordings to YuJa . A notification will be sent out prior to the deletion on UCI Zoom. Departments should determine if their recordings must be retained for a longer period of time as defined by the University of California Retention Schedule located at https://recordsretention.ucop.edu/

Information about Zoom Cloud Recordings